Two words that most of us ignore. Do it. And Why not? I’ll tell you why… the dreaded What If? 

I’ll put this into context. Straight after drama school, i decided that it would be best to move home and save my money before beginning my big, grand adventure in London. And whilst my bank balance has thanked me for this decision, I have not. Don’t get me wrong, moving home has been grand: catching up with the parents and brother, a great flexible job with a seriously understanding boss about auditions and easy access to nights at the pub with old friends. But something has been niggling me. It took a long day in the office on my own to make me realise that SOMETHING had to change. All i could envision was me, a large sledgehammer, and the walls of my office crumbling around me. DING! Something sparked within me. Why don’t i just do it? (No, not actually destroy my office). What If i come back to what counts and start doing things to bring me back? Knock down these walls holding me in this “safe” place and build my life, the way i want it, brick by brick? 

Pretty daunting. But something i feel most twenty-somethings face. You’re let out into the world and expected to start your life. But where to begin? Well here is my starting place, and i hope the starting place for other individuals in my position. I have started this blog not only to rekindle my passion for writing, but to find the What If’s in my life and actually find out what’s on the other side. I hope that with this blog, i can inspire others to get out there, join that yoga class, learn to cook that lasagne, climb mount everest (ok – maybe not but you can dream) and hopefully by doing so myself, i can find the right path for me. 

I will be updating this blog with (hopefully) inspirational pieces you need to read, interesting people you need to meet, places i’ve been that people should see, food that you must cook (i’m a foodie – apologies!) and hopefully in time that What If? complex will be a distant memory for a bunch of people who will be yelling DOOOO IIITTT into the faces of those too scared to take that first step.

It’s the eve of my 23rd birthday, and i’m proud to say that i’m taking my first step. I’m gonna start this next year off with a bang, and I hope you’ll be joining me for the journey.

– Koko xx 


2 thoughts on “DOOOO IITTTT

  1. Gallagher says:

    Action is so exciting. But then, so are you. You have an electric personality and a whole heap of talent so I really hope this blog and new impetus inspires you. I have worked with you twice…sort of…and even at my ripe old age, find your talent inspirational. If you are giving it out to others, you deserve to receive it too. Can’t wait to see it x

  2. Danielle Cherise Smith says:

    I totally agree and think this is a really important skill for all young people to master… Feel the fear and do it anyway! Re-claiming ownership of the decisions we make and the paths we take, where ever they may lead! Real love ❤

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