THE IN(Grateful) CROWD



Good day fellows,

It’s been a busy week of 23-year-old-ness, long days in the office, London fun, birthday celebrations, commiserations (damn Grand National!) and wine. But I’ve had an awakening in these last couple of days. A realisation:

I have been a sordid member of THE IN CROWD.

No, this does not mean i have been invited to every party in town, been swept off to swanky dinners and red-carpet events, nor does it mean i am now a Scientologist. In fact, The In Crowd is my affectionate nickname for that group of young twenty-somethings who cant quite see how lucky, talented, brilliant they actually are. The InGrateful Crowd, if you will, and they sort of sound something like this:

  • You have those who quite literally have it all on their plate – amazing job, brill friends, perfect partner – but still seem to be unhappy with their lot and searching for more;
  • You have those who are presented with a brilliant opportunity, like a job interview, but instantly talk down their own (very capable) skills so that they do not achieve their full potential when attempting to achieve what’s been given;
  • And you have those who neglect their own achievements and challenges because they focus their energies on everyone else’s successes. 

I am more than willing to admit i have felt like each of these examples on more than one occasion, and i think i’m one of many young individuals who feel this way. And why wouldn’t we? As a generation, the 20-30 bracket is constantly bombarded by the press about how DOOMED we all our, economic crisis, housing crisis, jobs crisis. CRISIS AAAAAAAAAAHHHHH! We’re told to believe that we are in a situation where nothing can be achieved and we are not going to reach the peak of our potential. It’s no wonder that half of us are freaking out that we can’t do that presentation for our job interview, or can’t ask that rather dishy guy in Starbucks for his number (in case you start nervously talking about cats or something…) We’re constantly sold this idea that we are the generation who won’t succeed, and shouldn’t try for fear of failing.

But at this age, we are at our most ambitious, most daring, and have the most potential to achieve our dreams. It is in these precious moments in our young lives that we set the first paving slab on our path to adulthood. This could be taking an evening course to gain the skills you need for that dream job, learning a foreign language because you always wanted to travel abroad, or even just saying hello to a person passing you on the street, because sometimes all you need is a smile and a Good Morning! to make your day feel worth it. 

I am a firm believer that we are the makers of our own futures. I do believe in fate and luck, but unless we take what resources and opportunities we have in both hands we wont ever reach our full potential. THE TIME IS NOW MY FRIENDS. Get living. Be grateful. Snog that guy from starbucks, and GO FORTH! I promise – being a member of The I’m-Grateful-And-Proud Crowd is much more rewarding. 😉

On a very cheeky side note, I’m going to start introducing my What If? of the Week – a series of challenges for people to just give a go and hopefully inspire you to do something new! It’s so easy to get complacent at this junction in life when really it should be a time of discovery and action, so let’s get to it. 

Sending the love your way,

Koko x

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