Nine things we learnt from the Nineties

Good Evening Easter Bunnies,

First of all, HAPPY BANK HOLIDAY WEEKEND/EASTER FESTIVITINESS! I hope anyone who isn’t reading this is having a wonderful time sunning themselves in a pub garden, and for those who are reading this.. you’re my favourite so I hope you win the Euromillions and eat all your Easter eggs without gaining weight.

A video on facebook caught my eye that literally brightened my day and it inspired my to write this little article about the wondrous NINETIES. Have a cheeky watch below:

I hope this filled everyone with as much joy and horror as it did for me. As if they have no idea what a casette is? (I have Mel & Kim and Wham still on tape…. just sayin) But it got me thinking how amazing the nineties was as a kid. I asked friends on Facebook to send me a list of things they loved/missed from the nineties and have used this to come up with a definitive NINE things we learnt from the NINETIES that shaped us to be the crazy, wonderful, briliant individuals that we are today. So without further ado:

1) Stickers are more valuable than money

There was no greater feeling than when your mum arrived home with the shopping and there was a shiny packet of new stickers poking from the top of the bags. Stickers, I hear you say? What worth do they have? They proved to your class that you could customize with style – what a trait to behold in a new friend! Even better was when you had stick on jewellery – a party-bag staple and ticket to being the “groovy chick” in your class ūüėČ Boys, don’t think I’ve left you out – I know how important it was to be filling in that Football sticker book of yours.¬†Stickers¬†were common currency within my school, and hey, for at least once in my life I¬†was rich!

2) Real pets were for grown ups!

“But..but..but… I WANT A CAT!!” … “No Kayleigh – Here.. have some.. Sea Monkeys?” I hope I am not the only person who got the gift of Sea Monkeys as their first pet. These creepy looking tadpole creatures gave me endless amounts of joy. Hours of my childhood wasted by staring at miniscule specks of god knows what! But it didn’t just stop there… Oh no, we got Furby’s – a toy made to annoy parents mercilessly and have you spend hours in the day trying to understand Furbish. Or, for those of us who were ultra cool, we were given the grand responsibility of looking after a Tamagotchi. Not only did this mean that kids around the world were being grounded for constantly checking their pockets to see if our creature had died, but it taught us that all pets must have food, a medical check, and their poop cleaned out promptly. WAY TO GO NINETIES!

3) Aliens can’t teach you Sex Ed

These little ones were THE toy to have in primary school. The gooey sticky Aliens were cute, weird, and always ended up covered in fluff after your dropped them on the carpet. However, what still baffles me to this day is that (within my school at least) we all believed that rubbing their backs together would make “alien babies”. Thanks for clearing that one up for us, nineties!

4) Girl Bands = Confidence to sing out of tune and wear crazy outfits!

Yes I am primarily talking about the Spice Girls. Because there were NO OTHER girl bands in the nineties. Ever. Thank you Spice Girls for teaching men and women alike that you CAN wear Cheetah, you CAN sing lyrics that are essentially just a load of noises, and you CAN rely on your friends because “friendship never ends”… that is.. until Geri decides to leave.. ZIG-A-ZIG-AAAHH!

5) Pleather. Just no.

On the other hand, there were SEVERAL boy bands, all of whom proved that no matter how muscly you are, how slick your curtains are, and how white your teeth are.. PLEATHER IS A NO GO.

6) The best people were witches

The kids of today have wizards and vampires but we had witches galore on our televisions. Sabrina, The Worst Witch, Charmed, Hocus Pocus, The Craft. We were spoiled for choice when it came to getting our fix of girls defeating bullies with a spell, talking cats, and crazy aunts!! Instead, we now have pale and interesting vampires and flesh-eating zombies. I’ll have fixing my life with the swish of a finger any day!

7) We didn’t need an Iphone to play games… just a Dream Phone

The nineties was the decade of BRILLIANT board games with no technology involved, just a couple of batteries. Dream Phone, Twister, Operation, Monopoly, Cluedo. These games were AWESOME and provided HOURS of entertainment without an iPad in sight. If only Dream Phone worked in real life too!

8)¬†It’s not always about being the birthday¬†girl/boy!

It’s my birthday party. The decorations are up. Pass the parcel is wrapped several times. The Donkey’s tail is waiting to be pinned. And my mother has been sat for several hours putting together the BEST PARTY BAGS KNOWN TO MAN! I think we all know that the best bit about the party was not the sleeping lions or musical chairs.. but the freaking party bags. Free sweets, plastic jewellery, pirate eye patches, weird bug like things in wooden boxes (please tell me people know what these are) and a whole heap of cake. Who needs it to be your birthday when you get presents just for showing up?

9) Mum and Dad know best. Always. Except maybe when it comes to how we should dress.


Point proven. Although the facepaint was allegedly my idea…

So there we have it kids. My Nine lessons we learnt from the nineties. I know it’s a bit of a random one, but i think Easter Weekend and spending time with the family is a great time to reminisce on some of the best bits of our past. Thanks to all those who contributed some ideas and i hope you enjoyed!

Have a brilliant weekend and i’ll catch you next week!

Koko xx


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