Pirates and Princesses


 Good Evening once again all!

It’s Thursday blog day and this week the idea of role models has been playing on my mind. I read a blog post on the weekend about Kate (Duchess of Cambridge) and how she is a “dangerous” role model for women and young girls. (Read it here: http://www.mamamia.com.au/social/kate-middleton-not-a-role-model/)

Now as much as everyone is entitled to their opinions (not that i entirely agree with the above post) it got me thinking – what does being a role model mean? I instantly think about young girls aspiring to be princesses and little boys running around with an eye patch because their role model is Captain Jack Sparrow. And as cute as that is, that’s not relevant to those of us above the age of 14. So what is a role model for a 20-something?

Here’s an estimated list come from myself and other 20-somethings who are awesome:

  • Someone who works hard for what they want.
  • People who give up the ordinary to achieve their dreams.
  • Someone who takes care of their body/appearance.
  • Happily married with children.
  • People who are talented but can keep down-to-earth.
  • Someone who doesn’t care what people think of them.
  • Anyone that has given birth/been part of creating another human being.
  • The one who always provides the wine..  (I think that may just be me and a select few others!)
  • People who are happy to give without expecting a return.

This is just a small example of a long list of what inspires us about other people. But what i think is most important about this list is that none of it is to do with being famous, or rich, or even particularly successful. Although these reasons have all been associated with rich and famous actors/politicians/sportsmen and women, none of these characteristics are beyond our reach. In fact, these men and women have merely pointed out that these qualities are GREAT to have.

And this is where its got me thinking. Who needs a role model when it isn’t the person themselves that we want to be? As much as we love our Mums and Dads, we don’t want to step into their shoes and live their life. Instead, they provide us with an end goal – a visual image that gives us inspiration. And that is where the line should end.

Having a role model is not about looking to that person and wanting their life, it is about looking to that person and working out what it is about them you relate to and feel inspired by. For me, I am inspired by Chalene Johnson (American Fitness and Lifestyle guru.. she’s awesome) because of her positive outlook in life and her no-nonsense opinions about finding what you want and getting it. It shows me that by looking to myself, I can find my positive outlook and start my journey by choosing what I want and finding the way to get it. For some of us, it will be our parents and families we look up to, and that’s because they’ve shown us from Day 1 that you can get through life (maybe with some bumps on the way) and still be in one piece, with a family who loves you and a life to be proud of.

Our role models should inspire us to be role models. By looking at what makes us great human beings and implementing these qualities into our daily life, we will eventually be the inspiration for others and the love will just keep on rolling along!


I fully believe in the power of visualising what you want. So.. What if you had a visual reminder that you could look at every day, that showed you the life you could have and things you want to achieve?  I’d like anyone who reads this to think about their role models. This can be a specific person, or group of people, and pick out the qualities of these people that you are most inspired by. NOW it’s time to get Visual. Either set up a Pinterest board or just cut out some images from a magazine or newspaper and put together an image/board of what you will achieve if you take these qualities on board.

For example: My Mum is so organised and on top of things that daily tasks DO NOT stress her at all. So i would think about posting a picture of a SUPER neat wardrobe of clothes or just a really well presented outfit/room in a house/etc. Jennifer Lawrence has shown to me and other women that being a healthy, strong individual is not about starving yourself – it’s about making the best of the body you have through exercise, diet and dressing the way you want to. I’d therefore post some pictures of a brilliant meal i know will make me feel great, or an outfit that I know would make me feel unstoppable.

I know this seems MEGA LAME – but i promise that if you can have visual reminders of what you want to work towards, YOU WILL ACHIEVE THEM!!! WOOO!!

So in conclusion, let your role models be an inspiration. Don’t strive to live these people’s lives, but let them give you the impetus to find the life you want and live it to the fullest. Be the Example for others!

(Ohh look at me trying to be inspirational!)

You can take a look at the start of my board here!

Thanks for reading and SPREAD THOSE INSPIRED WINGS!! 🙂

Lots of love,

Koko xx


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