NIL POIS: Your official guide to Eurovision Preparation


Good Afternoon my little spring lambs!

If my blog post couldn’t be clear enough… EUROVISION FEVER IS UPON US! For those of you who have never warmed to the dulcet tones of Terry Wogan (who’s not commentating this year – BOO!) or who’s eyes have not quite adjusted to the glaring fashions on display…. IT IS TIME TO CHANGE YOUR TUNE (to something out of key and very European!) Eurovision is the one time of year that we can join together with our European brothers and sisters and celebrate the crazy brilliance of creating music AND being a member of the European Union (Sorry Nigel – Don’t think UKIP are invited to watch this one!)

This post is to help those of us who are watching prepare for a night of dramatic entrances, bearded drag Queen’s (yup.. Really) and absolutely laughable lyrics. So…HOW SHOULD WE PREPARE?

It’s time to get out those Berets and grow out that facial hair (or armpit hair, ladies… You’re not left out of this one!) If you truly want to get into the spirit of Eurovision you’ve got act like a European. So, chuck on your most fabulously garish outfit, where your favourite nation’s flag proudly across your face and DRESS TO IMPRESS! (Please feel free to send me pictures… I may just post them on my post-Eurovision round up!)

In honour of our Danish hosts, and due to the large amount of alcohol the majority of us shall be consuming, I think it’s fair to say that eating big hearty portions like the Danish is a safe bet. Have a gander online for some European recipes, some tapas maybe, a pizza, frogs legs? Or keep it Nordic with some Meatballs in a creamy sauce! I will be creating a European feast and posting the recipe later this weekend so you can continue the celebrations (and soak up that post Eurovision party booze!)

I would say we should drink like the Europeans do… But somehow I think us Brits have the reputation for drinking… So crack open a beer, or brew yourself a delightful cuppa to enjoy the event! (But keep it responsible kids – too many cups of tea could lead to a morning of regrets!) 😉

There is only one night of the year where you are allowed to belly dance around your living room and not look like you’ve maybe had one too many margaritas! Eurovision shows us straight-laced Brits that letting it loose is the best form of entertainment. I don’t know what crazy dance moves we have ahead of us tonight… But I want to ensure you that the urge you have to shimmy and toss your hair around is TOTALLY ACCEPTABLE! (But maybe have a cheeky stretch before it begins… I don’t want to be responsible for any injuries!)

It is my personal favourite to shout NIL POIS at the TV in my worst French accent when people are not quite up to my ever-growing standards. (Fact for you: Nil Pois doesn’t actually mean no points in French.. BUT HEY HO) ….SO SCORE CARDS ARE A MUST! Get out your pens, pull up your trousers and embrace your inner Simon Cowell whilst giving the contestants marks out of ten. (Remember… Your votes will never match the end result… Unless you’re politically minded or psychic!) The person who matches the most gets eternal glory (or at least until the next competition!) Having a Eurovision party? Snap a pic of the winner and I’ll add the pics to my next post!

Want scorecards for tonight? The BBC have made official scorecards you can download here!!

So there you have it, my totally serious guide to preparing for Eurovision. Have an amazing night watching and look out for my post-Eurovision report (and recipe) tomorrow!

Lots of love,

Koko xx

P.S Any pictures of you celebrating Eurovision are completely welcome! Let’s share the European love! Tweet them to @koko91 or comment below!


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