The What If? Diary’s Guide to Getting Over It.


We’ve all been there: you didn’t get that job promotion, the date you went on was disastrous, you stub your toe on the side of your bed. The instant reaction to all of these things is to just FLOP OUT AND BE ANNOYED. I’ve been there this week – when faced with RUBBISH news I instantly went to the lunch room at work, ordered something full of carbs, and then reached for the most fattening chocolate bar possible. I then proceeded to spend my afternoon in a sugar-induced coma of annoyance and frustration. THIS IS AN EXAMPLE OF HOW NOT TO DEAL WITH THE CRAP THAT LIFE DEALS YOU, MY DEARS. After giving myself a swift telling off for being so dramatic, I decided it was wise to spread the joy to other 20-somethings who need to JUST GET OVER IT. Life isn’t easy, especially at this age, but stay away from that mars bar! Here are my tips to Getting Over It and Getting On with being AMAZING:

  • Hit the Treadmill

I realise that this point is going to be controversial – not all of us enjoy getting our running trainers out from the dusty back corners of our wardrobes. But getting out in the fresh air and doing some exercise is sometimes all it takes to clear your head before you do something disastrous. You want to text your ex that you found out he was cheating all along? NO YOU DON’T – YOU WANT TO RUN OUTSIDE AND CLEAR YOUR HEAD! Not only does this stop you looking like a crazy ex, but it also helps you to get fitter and have time to sort out all those negative, angry demon thoughts. You’ll start to make space for positive ones instead.  You WILL feel better! You WILL feel more confident. And you will have achieved something useful and positive with your day! If you don’t like running- do some yoga, pilates, lift some weights! Anything that will get rid of that extra annoyed energy and put it into something focused and positive. 

  • Food = Happy Times

Now do not think this means I allow you to do a “Feed four for £5” deal at Domino’s for you and you alone! Take some time out to make something you LOVE to eat. It could be a Chinese stir fry, a massive Pie and Mash or even a batch of cookies (Although save some for your housemates/family!) Putting the effort and time into cooking always mellows me out and makes me feel like I thoroughly deserve to enjoy my meal, rather than crying into a tub of Ben & Jerrys and washing it down with two bottles of wine (although a glass or two is DEFO allowed). If you fancy something quick, easy but looks impressive and tastes DAMN GOOD check out recipe for baked Salmon and Bruschetta here!


  • Spend time with the people that make you feel AMAZING!

Some people feel best when with their partners, others need their best friends to perk them up. HELL, some people just need a cuddle from their cat to make them feel better (ahem!) Whatever the case, pick up your phone, stop moping and go out and see them! Sometimes we spend too much time alone with our thoughts, and when we’re in a negative place these thoughts can be especially mean! So shut them up and go and listen to your best friend bang on about this amazing new dress she found in Topshop! Sometimes all we need to calm us down is the simplicity of having a conversation about mundane things to bring us back to reality and realise.. Hey! Things aren’t all that bad.

  • When you’re ready, come to terms with what happened

Unfortunately, getting over things does require you to come to terms with them first. Whatever has happened, take some time away from the issue, keep yourself busy and then come back to the problem in the knowledge that you have forgotten about it for a few days and coped just fine. There may be loose ends that need tied, or sometimes these things just need putting to bed. If it helps, write down your feelings about the issue, then rip it up, burn it, feed it to the dog!! You don’t need things bogging you down in this period of your life – you should be enjoying it and making the most of life so (in the words of Adele Dazeem) LET IT GO!

  • Have a ME party!

My last point is to simply have a celebration of what makes you happy and what makes you great!! Our generation is constantly told that we are not excelling, we’re loaded with debt, we can’t get a job. Well actually, we can all do A LOT MORE than we’re given credit for. Half of us wouldn’t overload ourselves with worry over small things if we just had more self-confidence and took time to realise how great we are. Spend an evening in looking after yourself, or take a night out on the town dancing with friends! Just make sure you ENJOY every moment of it and realise that the problems in life are NOT worth dwelling on.

Life is a long journey, and our twenties will fly by in a flash, so we musn’t allow ourselves to dwell on the negatives. Whatever it is that is niggling you – GET OVER IT! I promise you’ll discover there’s much more to be happy about when you let everything else pass you by.

Have a happy weekend lovers.

Koko x


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