Left in LIMBO: My trip to the Wonderground


As a child, I was deprived. I had food, shelter, loving parents… BUT I NEVER WENT TO THE CIRCUS! “WHAAAT?” I hear you cry! Tis true. I had never been to the circus, until last Tuesday that is. So when Mr Boyfriend won free tickets to see LIMBO at the London Wonderground, I jumped at the chance to go!

LIMBO has returned to the London Wonderground and promises a night you will never have experienced before. As a “Circus Virgin” I was relatively open to anything and had no expectations, so essentially.. MY MIND WAS BLOWN. Upon entering the venue iIwas transported into the centre of a circus tent, decorated with glittering lightbulbs. The atmosphere was dim, almost seedy, and I was already on the edge of my seat just waiting for the performance to begin. The Sirens blared, and we were introduced to a crazy group of misfits whose story was told only through music, composed and performed by the remarkable Sxip Shirey, alongside the hip-thrustingly good (you’ll see what i mean) Mick Stuart and the brilliantly-bearded Grant Arthur (and his trusty tuba). The music is catchy, interesting and creates some beautiful ambience in some of the simpler moments. Who knew you could make stunning music out of sirens, harmonicas, and marbles in bowls?

With the expectations set by the incredible feast of music and dancing in the opening, the cast were slowly introduced. Favourite performances came from Jonathan Nosan, whose spine proved to be completely unsnappable, Heather Holliday, the sultry sword swallower and fire breather who, quite frankly, I would sway the other way for, and the incredibly cheeky Hilton Denis, constantly working the crowd and showing how tap dancing should be done – with wit and charm! The show’s succession of solo acts were punctured by ensemble moments, my favourite being what only can be described as the extraordinary “Bendy Poles” which resulted in Mr Boyfriend almost having Heather Holliday’s ass on his face – No complaints from him!

It was a night of pure wonderment. The gasps and screams from people around me showed that LIMBO provided the shock and awe that has only really been experienced as kids at the circus (Unless you’re me – of course!) It captured your attention from the moment the first sirens blared, to the moment you got back home to your flat, still reeling over everything you had just seen. It was a spectacular that was sexy, beautiful, hilarious, scary, enthralling, surprising. It was LIMBO – it took you out of time entirely and left you in a daze.

– Koko x

Catch LIMBO at the London Wonderground, Southbank until 28th September 2014.


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